Welcome to the Adore-A-Bowl

Where the food and drinks are Otterly amazing!

We humbly invite you to our wonderful restaurant and bar. Our goal is to help the travelers and adventurers of Eorzea with a chance to rest with some good food and some great company. Please come inside and enjoy your stay and perhaps pet an otter or two.
ありがとう ございます!

Leviathan - Lavender Beds
Ward 4 - Plot 30

About us

We are a small venue started by a group of friends who wanted to share our company with the many residents of Etheirys. Inspired by the Doman cuisine and a peculiar odd otter, we set out to make a cozy bar and eatery for all adventurers to enjoy.We provide both a bar downstairs for those only looking for a nice drink and some respite, and our restaurant upstairs where we serve all our delicious cuisine and provide a stage for anyone wanting to play their heart outWhether it be to eat and converse or to rest and relax, we welcome all and hope we can accommodate.


⋄Take a seat anywhere and one of our staff will be over to serve you, or sit at the bar and our bartender will accommodate you.⋄ Please be respectful to both our patrons and our staff.⋄ We are RP friendly! However we are also AFK friendly please respect people's boundaries.⋄ No ERP. Any of this type of roleplay please keep in tells or party chat.⋄ No emote spam⋄ Minions welcome! No need to dismiss your minions here, (same for weapons as well, just please don't pull them out and scare the other patrons!)⋄ Any and all issues please report to staff.

Free Wifi
Password: OdderOtter



Basil Tre

Our Head Chef and Owner of the Adore-A-Bowl
Raised by two friendly bunnies who brought him up in an eastern setting, Basil wanted to share his family's culture to the people across Eorzea (especially through foods primarily served in bowls). He decided to open his own little restaurant to help fulfill this dream with the help of his friends!
He runs the restaurant upstairs and oversees all the waiters.

Nishi Shirayuri

Our Mistress, Co-owner, and Designer of the Adore-A-Bowl
A rather shy yet adventurous Raen who traveled from her home from the Ruby Sea of Doma, to dancing in Thavnair to come finally settle in rich city of Ul'dal. She wants to share Doma's rich culture though its food to Eorzea.
She helps run the downstairs bar together with our bartender.


A'vett Ghirru

Our expert (?) Bartender
A troublesome Miqo'te since childhood, A'vett enjoys the travelling lifestyle of a mercenary getting into trouble around the world instead. He's rough, but honest and clumsy, but earnest.
After a while of travelling, A'vett likes to come back to his favourite restaurant and works as it's bartender. Although infrequently, he does his best to ensure customers will enjoy the same peace that he gets when he returns here.

Waiter and Waitresses

Sherbet Fragaria

Our lovely head waitress who is willing to run throughout the venue serving our guests to the best of her ability.
A clumsy and forgetful dunesfolk who met the owners when walking around Ul'dah. She enjoys finding places to hide and dances when happy.

Kaleh Joli

A rather unique Viera who primarily helps with hunting and gathering for the ingredients we use. He was able to give us one quote about himself.
“I am a gravitational anomaly, gifted in the art of falling down. With each stumble, slip, and trip, I bring laughter to those around me. From unintentional car acrobatics to stairs transformed into slides, my life is a hilarious showcase of comedic mishaps.”

Honorary Otters

They are not staff but they always seem to be around that they have become honorary otters!

A'nemoni Sthah
The House Cat

Bar Menu

Yuzu SakéTraditional sake that has been infused with the sweet yet tangy yuzu fruit. (Lemonade) 
Doman Pear MojitoRum sweetened with Doman pear, fresh mint, and a splash of lemonette juice. (Competent Craftsman's Draught) 
Kugane SunsetA rolanberry tea spiked with saké which creates a smooth, sweet, and vibrant drink. (Commanding Craftsman's Draught) 
The Hingan SlipperA sweet, sour, and delicious cocktail made with thundermelon liqueur, orange liqueur, and lemonnette juice. (Melon Juice) 
Sushi Rolls3,000G
Futo-maki RollA savory roll made with fresh eel and lobster rolled in sweetened rice and seaweed. 
Persimmon Leaf SushiMotley beakfish and ivory sole rolled in sweetened rice and wrapped up with persimmon leaves. 
Chirashi-zushiA traditional sushi bowl made of sweet rice topped with thinly sliced omelet, salted fish eggs, dried gourd, stewed mushrooms and yanxian tiger prawn. 

♥Valentione's Day Menu♥

The season of Love is upon us!
The wonderful time of the year where the smell of chocolate and pastries fill the air! And sugared kisses are shared between loved ones. A time where both romantic, familial, or platonic love is celebrated as we show the ones we care about most the love we hold for them.
We are sure our sweet treats will help you in showing our affection along the way♥

♥Valentione's Day Package♥15,000G
The grand special of hand selected treats for your loved one. Why not get them the best of the best? 
This package includes a box of a dozen chocolates (can be assorted). A bottle of our finest A Realm Reborn Red. And a bouquet of fresh, hand grown red roses. 
Vanilla Rose LatteA romantic take on a simple vanilla Latte. A smooth and creamy vanilla latte blended with a dash of rose syrup topped with whipped cream. (Triple Cream Coffee) 
Hot Red Velvet ChocolateIt is still chilly so why not cozy up with this hot chocolate! Made with the creamiest milk and richest chocolate, and died red with natural food dyes. (Hot Chocolate) 
Love Potion DaquiriA sweet strawberry daquiri mixed with coconut to give a bit of a flair to this pink drink.(Frozen Spirits) 
Wineport's Bacchus Pinot NoirAged to perfection, and a romantic staple for any night out. Wineport's famous wine is sure to delight. (Grape Juice) 
Box of ChocolatesNeed the perfect gift of sweets for your loved one? Look no further we will provide a box of half (3k) or a full dozen (5k) of chocolates. (Can be a mix of pearl and bubble chocolates or all be uniform) 
Chocolate Truffle CakeA rich and decadent chocolate cake. Tis cake has a soft and fluffy chocolate sponge cake topped with a smooth and rich chocolate ganache. A perfect desert for a romantic evening. (Sachetorte) 
Honey MuffinLooking for the best treat or you Honey~? Look no further than this delightfully fluffy and sweet muffin that is a perfect snack for any time of day. 
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